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Show off Your Love of Aromatherapy

with unique Aromatherapy Jewelry

Get one for all your favorite Scents!

A beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, no two are the same.

"I love my aromatherapy necklace, the diffuser cork lets the aroma filter thru so I can smell my essential oils all day.

I even hung a necklace in my car so now my car smells great too"

(Click on image for larger view)

Aromatherapy Bottle Necklace Details

The Bottle has a cork top that you can remove

and fill with your favorite Essential Oil.

This Necklace has adjustable braided cording with its

biggest size approx. 24" and can be sized down to 18"

Bright and Colorful will a lot of detail and design.

Each Necklace is unique, no two are the same!

The dimensions of the Bottle are 1 1/2" X 3/4"

Beaded Tassels that hang off the Bottle are 1" in length.

(essential oil is not included)

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