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aromatherapy equine spray mist w/essentail oils

All Natural Pain Relief, Energy Production

& Mind Management for Horses

How to locate pain on your Horse

Reese- Aculife/Lifewave horse patch testimonial

Chanel Reese tells her amazing story of how her horse was relieved of pain in a matter of minutes with Aculife.

After a few minutes of being patched with Aculife Patches

Before and After

aculife pain relief patch

Non-chemical Acupressure patches that relieve pain quickly

without the use of drugs. Patches react to stimulate the central nervous

system through acupressure points.

For a healthier and happier horse, no horse owner should be

without Aculife Patches in their tool chest of supplies.

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wholesale here.

Horses Love Aromatherapy

Horses respond extremely well to essential oils to help with acute emotional issues and concentration it's a great tool to have on hand for trainings, traveling and competition. Inhalation is a quick, easy and effective treatment option that is safe to use . As with any new aromatherapy introduction it is best to allow your horse to choose acceptance. On the first introduction of a new essential oil offer the scent to them by spraying your palm then hold your cupped hand under the horse’s nose. If your horse is interested he will start to inhale. If he is not interested the horse will turn his head away. Any essential oils that your horse turns away from put aside for another day. just be sure not to spray near his eyes.

Relieves Stress, great for treatment of anxiety due to new ownership, traveling or competition. Also a good deterrent for face flies. Enhances mood. 4 fl. oz.

Very uplifting a great scent just to spray around the stables. Helps with concentration, a great tool for training also helps repel face flies. 4 fl. oz.

Stress and Anxiety reliever with the calming effect of lavender. The citrus lemon scents uplifts and alerts the senses and mood, A great picker upper. 4 fl. oz.

Relieves tension and reduces anxiety to keep him focused and alert. This earthy scent enhances mood for better concentration. Repels face flies too. 4 fl. oz.

If you accidentally get some in his eyes, never use water to wash it off. Water will increase the irritability of essential oils to the skin, use vegetable base oil or milk. The albumen content of milk will help dilute the essential oils and sooth the skin.

No essential oil or treatment substitutes for regular care from a qualified veterinarian. Essential oils can be an invaluable aid on a daily 

basis to supplement and support the immune system and emotional well being of your horse. It is best to avoid the use of essential oils with pregnant mares.

How can my Horse benefit from Aromatherapy? 

Essential oils work on a physical level and work to restore an emotional level by the inhalation of the scent. As the horse inhales the scent, a chain reaction occurs from the brain. It is quite complex, but to put it simply, the natural chemicals in these oils cause the release of neurochemicals from the brain and depending which oils are inhaled, these neurochemicals can cause relaxation, stimulation, alertness, pain relief and other responses that the brain can produce. Physically, they can help in various ways such as healing wounds, fighting infection, relieving itch, providing pain relief, promoting fast hair growth, deterring pests and much more.

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